Programme 2017


Stop building machines, start model-based product development

In this keynote two challenges of tech companies will be addressed. The first is about multiple product specs. The second is about the tech churches defending their development beliefs. We...
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Lars Idema (Océ)
Industrial internet of things
Artificial Intelligence
Medical technology
OEM challenges

IIoT: a consortium building initiative from HTSC

The internet of things shows every sign of rapidly transforming industry. Gathering, analysing and sharing of meaningful and actionable data between systems to improve productivity and quality is at the heart of the IIoT. If we manage to successfully enable and develop the IIoT, it will unlock a lot of value. To tackle the complexity...
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Georgo Angelis (HTSC)

Industrial internet of bearings

Process optimization, reduced downtime, planned maintenance; some of the often heard statements what the industry wants and moves towards. Also called Industry 4.0, (big) data obtained by the fact that we sense and collect more and more enables these developments. It’s not sensing because ‘we can’, it’s because the economic value of optimized running is...
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Eric van Genuchten (SKF)

Building knowledge by in-house deployment

To benefit from Smart Industry, it is crucial to build on the knowledge and experience of others. The focus of this presentation is on the need for Bosch to align the company to leverage the opportunities created by Industry 4.0, the approach taken to benefit from this shift, and an insight in the current activities...
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Plant automation for future tires

The smart factory is not the target, but the tool. What are the real challenges and goals for the tire industry. In this presentation an overview is given about the trends in the tire industry for the factory’s and the future tires. The question is, what is VMI doing to meet these challenges for the...
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Erwin Zweers (VMI)

Ugrow: the world’s first medical grade parenting platform

Philips Avent understands that more and more parents are turning to technology, and in turn how technology and data help give every baby a voice. That’s why, unlike other parenting applications, the expert uGrow baby app and smart connected products will work together to collect data and provide personalized guidance to support baby’s healthy development....
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Rob Hendriks (Philips)
Andrew Bower (Philips)

How 3D printing is finding its position in the industry and making it more connected

3D printing has been evolving from the late 70’s and early 80’s. So far the technology has mainly been used for rapid prototyping. In the last few years, 3D printing has been in the lift enormously, even completely hyped to the level of consumer product. At present the hype is over, but the promise of...
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Anybody can build an autonomous machine

There is an undeniable trend of far-going automation these days. Fully automated vehicles and robots that work in complex environments with humans (so-called cobots) are rapidly becoming a reality. Machine builders are taking steps to join this movement, but are facing enormous challenges with respect to reliability and computational load. One of the biggest hurdles...
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Erik Hostens (Flanders Make)

Machine learning for machine vision, the big shift in 2017

Summer 2016 a robot was demonstrated that could cut the lower leaves of tomato plants. The robot is the first of its kind, performing a task long believed to be nearly impossible to automate. Downside of the story is that it has been in development since more than a decade, costing millions and requiring thousands...
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Kanter van Deurzen (Delft Robotics)

Machine learning in social robotics

As humans, we exhibit very complex and varied behaviour, which is adapted to our physical environment, our social environment, the context we are in, et cetera. Computers are only beginning to scratch the surface of this exciting world. Yet as they become more pervasive in our environment, correctly assessing the humans’ context and social situation...
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AI in practice: an introduction in deep learning and its practical applications

Artificial intelligence is hot due to the recent advancements in deep learning neural networks. Technical breakthrough technology in GPU computing power has boosted the application of advanced neural networks also known as deep learning. DIKW Intelligence is a company that helps its customers on their path from data to information to knowledge to wisdom. In...
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Hugo Koopmans (DIKW)

The Robocup @Work Challenge

The Robocup is a yearly competition to make sure that the progress in artificial intelligence is embodied in robots. This can be benchmarked with soccer, but in addition there are also socially more relevant competitions such as rescue, @Home and @Work. Robocup @Work challenges research institutes to demonstrate innovative robotic applications to perform real operations...
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Arnoud Visser (UvA)

Deep learning in the green house

As robots are used in increasingly complex tasks, it becomes necessary to improve the image analysis (2D and 3D). With the multiplicity of data and the available sensors, artificial intelligence techniques are more popular than ever. Can they also launch a revolution in agro and horticulture?

A novel design of an actuated five degree of freedom arm support

People with neuromuscular diseases can benefit from dynamic arm support systems in performing activities of daily living. The amount of assistance a person needs depends on the progress of the disease resulting in the design of several dynamic arm support systems with specific characteristics. Taking a closer look at the actively actuated arm supports it...
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Erik van Oene (Focal Meditech)

High tech vs applied tech in medical devices

In his presentation Joris Jaspers will give an overview of high-tech medical equipment used in hospitals, their claims and the clinical evidence available. The technology driven approach delivers devices which sometimes have a very small diagnostic or therapeutic bandwidth, often comes on top of the existing device and increases healthcare cost. As an alternative, I...
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Joris Jaspers (UMC Utrecht)

Bio-inspired surgical instruments

As compared to man-made technology, nature follows alternative design pathways leading to amazing and sometimes unimaginable solutions waiting for someone to find an application. Based on the anatomy of the tentacle of a squid, at Delft University of Technology, a steerable ‘cable-ring’ mechanism was invented that has been applied in a series of prototype surgical...
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Paul Breedveld (TU Delft)

Stormram 3: a MRI-compatible robotic system for breast biopsy

In breast cancer screening, a suspicious lesion may need to be biopsied for pathology assessment to determine if the lesion is malignant. MRI can detect lesions with high precision, but a manual breast biopsy procedure is difficult to do under MRI guidance. Therefore, there is a need for robotic breast biopsy systems. The main limiting...
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Vincent Groenhuis (UT)

Development of a system for CT-guided needle placement

Minimally invasive biopsy and ablation of tumours in the thorax and abdomen are typically performed via a needle which is percutaneously inserted to reach the target tissue. When real-time ultrasound guidance does not suffice, a CT-guided freehand method is employed, in which needle manipulation and CT scanning are iterated to reach an adequate position of...
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Benno Lansdorp (Demcon)

Robot Rose gives a hand in daily household chores

Rose is a semi-autonomous care service robot, performing activities of daily life: ‘simple’ household tasks. Recent experiments at various care homes in the Netherlands show that clients like the robot, mostly because it helps them to maintain or regain control over their own lives. Nurses, at first sceptical, learn to appreciate the robot for its...
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Cock Heemskerk (HIT)

Unlocking the full potential of lithography for advanced packaging

Liteq has developed a lithographic system for the advanced packaging market starting with the specific requirements of this market in mind, unlike other lithography providers that modified existing systems resulting in solutions with lots of compromises. The advanced packaging market is on the move since front-end lithography is no longer capable to follow Moore’s law...
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Gerrit van der Beek (Liteq)

Overcoming challenges in multi-beam dicing of a molded wafer-level chip scale package

The introduction of wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) has become one of the key packaging solutions in the semiconductor industry. One enhancement is the molded wafer level CSP (mWLCSP) that encases the device in epoxy mold compound (EMC) on five or six sides. This adds mechanical protection to the device and will reduce chipping...
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Kees-Jan Leliveld (ASM Alsi)

Exceed with speed and precision

Timesavers sets the worldwide standard for abrasive finishing solutions. The company delivers solutions for customers who require a machine that can deburr, precision grind, round the edges with the highest quality and most beautiful finish. This is applicable to a variety of different kinds of metal, such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel....
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Piet Kooman (Timesavers)

Innovation challenges in a nutshell

Marel is leading supplier of equipment, systems and services to the animal protein processing industry. Marel is known for its high product innovation spend which led to the leading position in different sectors of the industry. The old motto of lowering production cost and increasing the added value of the production process of the customers...
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Wim Beeftink (Marel)

Experiences from the first 3D metal printing system for true industrial series production

Everyone is talking about industrial series production with metal additive manufacturing but the design of most equipment is still based on the old prototyping machines. In order to have a case for true series production the requirements are different and focus should shift from the material science to reproducibility, productivity, automatization, uptime, yield and serviceability....
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Platform development & product integration: enabling innovation and growth

As the global market leader for logistic process automation at airports and the parcel industry and leading supplier of automated warehouse solutions, Vanderlande has a strategic focus on growth, innovation, internationalization and teamwork. All our integrated solutions that we deliver to our customers are unique, optimized to the customers’ business processes and competitive positions. One...
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Bart van Dartel (Vanderlande)