Stop building machines, start model-based product development

16 Mar 2017
09:45 - 10:30

Stop building machines, start model-based product development

In this keynote two challenges of tech companies will be addressed. The first is about multiple product specs. The second is about the tech churches defending their development beliefs. We try to unify both of them by modelling.

Once you enter the arena of more mature markets you have to compete on more than a single performance spec: cost becomes total cost of ownership, speed becomes productivity. How to effectively manage these 25+ product aspects during development? Océ, part of the Canon group, is doing pioneering work in this area. Especially in architectural phase of development we try to connect product level specs to technical models. We believe this is the way forward, but a lot of new questions on working methods, tooling and skills are popping up.

The second part of the presentation will focus on the tech churches and their competing belief systems: the Ironmen – ‘building is what we do’ – and the Sims – ‘going virtual all the way’. Both are right in their own way, but how to harvest both their paradigms in product and even platform development? And how to do it faster and better every year? Perhaps we need a virtual twin manifesto: ‘physical prototypes are essential but virtual ones will make the difference’. What are the limits of such a multidisciplinary modelling approach, and how can we push them in a smart way, e.g. using CAE, (un)happy path simulation and VR/AR?

These two key challenges will be illustrated with examples from the printing industry Océ is active in. An industry moving from printing of information towards printing of beauty, from printing on things towards printing of things.